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We are an e-commerce site that caters to the BDSM community. We started this site back in May of 2008 as product liquidators of distressed inventory. What is that? Distressed inventory comes in many forms, overstocks, closeouts, less than perfects (LTP), Shelf worn, and samples are examples of distressed inventory. (Hence the name "Dungeon Discounters")

This was our model for the the first year or so but since then our business model has changed. We still carry some "distressed" inventory but very little, you can find the some of the "distressed" inventory in the Dungeon Deals category of our site. Remember all the items in the Dungeon Deals category are all New and never been used or worn. Just thought we would stress that in case you might be thinking that these are returns. They are not.

Currently our site is made up of brand new items directly from the manufacturer, only about 5% of our items are "distressed" items and those can be found in the "Dungeon Deals" category. We still hold true to our name "Dungeon Discounters" by keeping our prices very low compared to our competitors.

We value your opinions and suggestions, please visit our "suggestions" box located on the left below the categories section.

All products are sold as novelties. The purchaser assumes all risk and liability of use for all our products. We assume no responsibility for injuries sustained when using our products.